Le Binge


Whatever our televisual drug of choice—Battle­star Galactica, The Wire, Homeland—we’ve all put off errands and bedtime to watch just one more, a thrilling, draining, dream-­influencing immersion experience that has become the standard way to consume certain TV programs. We’ve all had the hit of pleasure after an installment ends on some particularly insane cliff-hanger and we remember that we can watch the next episode right now. It’s a relatively recent addition to the pantheon of slightly illicit yet mostly harmless adult pleasures, residing next to eating ice cream for dinner, drinking a beer with lunch, and having sex with someone you probably shouldn’t.

-Willa Paskin via Wired


FYI some snowflakes are alike

nerding out alert:

water molecules
side branches
snowflakes !

New Chapter


You can still find me at lisakribs@gmail.com

On The Head

Sleepwalk With Me

Ira Glass is such an endearing person. Exciting new project in which he will be producing for the first time. Love the way he thinks…

“are movie people gonna see this?”

Human Castles

Smile More

Piggy backing off my post over at This Good World, Smile More! This is your life! Ok your life is probably not those dogs or that muffin head, but you get it.

Bloom Soon

Rotating lilacs on my desktop background to remember how close we are…

We Like ‘Em Big

On Mini Things and Our Consumer Behavior

why am I so fascinated by little, mini fun-sized things? My initial thought to this was simply “because they’re friggin cute“. But then I realized a startling truth…

I am so attracted to little things because mostly everything else around me is so BIG.

I know I am not alone in this mini fever. Mini’s are irresistible, adorable, and quite inconceivable to our minds because in America (if I dare say), we like thangs BIG. Because Bigger =  Better. And the bigger the whatever, the better the job you did at consuming, you consumer you.  Big cars, big tv’s, big dinners! Sigh.

Well, here’s a few post rant mini goodies:

best local dessert

bethie’s favorite retail display, ever

condiment mini’s

Mrs. Max Headroom

Got my eyes dialated yesterday which is always a laugh, so Beth documented. Luckily I was given some sweet specs cuz the sun was blazing outside. Here’s me, Mrs. Headroom:

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