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Best Customer Experience Ever (PICS)

Today I’m going to praise a (now) really cool brand, because of a really cool experience I had with them. I’ll try not to write a long post because long blog posts blow and I would have been gone even by now, but this is good folks!

A couple weeks ago I purchased a bathing suit from Lands’ End Canvas for our honeymoon. I have never bought anything from them. Nearly everything in our home is purchased either online, from craigslist, the market or a record and thrift store (oh and the grocery store).

However, buying a bathing suit in the bleak mid-winter proved to be tricky-tricky, simply because there’s no way to try the thing on. And come on, trying on a bathing suit is an essential step leading to purchase- despite the irritating idea of having to remove 4 layers of clothing, socks and boots to then slip into a skimpy bathing suit all while in a room with awful fluorescents and a potentially worse mirror situation. Well, silly me. There’s no swim ‘apparel’ in those places called “stores” right now anyway. So back to my shopping miracle…

The Lands’ End navigation and sizing chart  provided was simple and helpful (and accurate) so I bit my inner cheek (bad habit) whilst hitting the CHECKOUT button, chose standard shipping and leaned back in my chair. Done. No WAIT! Will standard shipping be enough time before we leave? I frantically looked for an email address or some ridiculous looking chat box I could maybe jump onto to explain I need to expedite the shipping…and would you believe there was a phone number right there? Practically punched me right in the face it was so easy to find. Do you use your phone for calls anymore? I don’t.  I mean, except to talk to mom of course (HI MOM). I pounded the numbers in fast before some Webmaster realized the error. Maybe it was a joke? I hit SPEAKER anticipating a long wait filled with obnoxious elevator music, but low and behold someone picked up on the FIRST ring. THE FIRST RING. He pleasantly asked for my order # and within 60 seconds my order had been updated and I was totally good to go.

I received the bathing suit, and despite my fretting about it fitting, it did – perfectly. And away we went…but the story doesn’t end there.

Not only did I have great customer experience on the website, with customer support, with receiving an item that fit me perfectly and on time, BUT I also received this via SNAIL mail when we returned from our trip:

A handwritten letter from Sue in customer support to say thanks

I would like to hope their CS reps are treated well and that writing personal thank you notes isn’t Sue’s primary responsibility but…

Bravo team Lands’ End Canvas. So, to review, here’s a replay of the stellar brand experience that rocked my world:

– Great UI, web navigation and e-commerce functionality

– Contact information on every page, a phone number no less

– Quick, responsive customer support

– Pleasant, HUMAN customer support

– Clear shipping guidelines and delivery on the actual day they say

– Accurate  sizing chart

– An incredible handwritten thank you card inviting me to call with any issues whatsoever!

This should make the bullet point list, but I haven’t put it in there yet because not quite enough time hasn’t gone by:  No annoying promotional emails.*

They are on Twitter (and active) and Facebook working to revitalize the Land’s End brand by adopting an extremely responsive customer experience model. Thank you so much Lands’ End…and if you’re looking for some fresh digital social ideas call me!

*these are ok in my opinion, just not every week (*cough* Sierra Snowboards)

this good world

i am slowly joining my friend Gavin on his awesome new project, This Good World.

basic concept: we hear and see a lot during the day, and a lot of it is muck. so, why not spread a little love among the muck?

because while it doesn’t always feel like it, but there’s always something to be thankful for. join in!

obama signs ipad

alright now this guy is brilliant!
the rest of the story…the crowd goes wild!

Photo Credit: AP
Sylvester you are brill!

I would really like to make a complete transition from my macbook to an iPad. Especially after with the Mac App Store coming out. It feels like we’re getting closer. Need more control though, flash, file storage, programs…has anyone else found a crafty way to do it?

no girls allowed in geektown

Commenters over at Geekologie caught it, and I noticed immediately too: No girls on the ultimate geek evolution flowchart? I guess geek girls don’t exist…just like we don’t sweat, we glow.

Flowtown is pretty awesome, hilarious and visually pleasing but…really? still? really?
I’m blowing the perpetuating-gender-roles whistle on YOU @flowtown!!!

handbone connects to the internet

and now a message from our sponsors:

MIA “the message”

Secret Grilled Cheese Delivery


I can’t believe I’m just hearing about this. A secret Grilled Cheese delivery service in NYC? Text your order to the number and a hot, cheesy sandwich wrapped in tin foil and brown bagged will be delivered within 15 min to your specified location.

Daily specials are listed on a discrete facebook fan page, and Ronnie (he has folks call him) is getting it done. Love the entrepreneurial spirit and simple business plan. Though Ronnie admits sometimes feeling like a drug dealer with the paper bag and cash exchange. It seems his casual business is suddenly growing pretty seriously- he is starting to inquire with restaurants where he may be able to use their kitchen during lunch time.  Bread. Butter. Cheese. -awesome ingredients to keep an eye on. I’ll be in NY this wknd, wonder if he makes runs Sat and Sun?

lady gaga – urging and oughting

sometimes often, corporate and political structures hinder change. and if you believe in a cause, or just want to do your job well… this can be frustrating.

interestingly, the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy has been very seriously talked about lately. studies are being done (?!), and our leaders are starting to feel pressure on making a move.

well, someone has come along over the past couple of years with a very loud and powerful voice. sure we’ve got Cyndi and Rachel (and many other actors, actresses, politicians and voices). but it wasn’t until i heard lady gaga yell for Obama to listen at the National March for Equality, that i believed we truly had a game changer. someone that really had the power to urge.

the psychology of it is simple, she is a voice of a younger generation, a generation much younger than the decision makers. and because her voice is so powerful and real – she explains the ought: “used to express justice, moral rightness, or the like”.

LG just might be more than heard, but actually listened to:

last week at the VMA’s, Lady Gaga looked at the event as an huge opportunity. she invited 4 military service members that were discharged under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, as her date.

inspired from these events, this video (that went viral) shows two students getting their dorm to call and urge their senators to repeal DADT. We actually have people USING their phone and calling their senators.

she has clearly been able to urge on all sides, and in my humble opinion, a courageous effort.

true power is made up of: passion, truth, love and justice. and a little social media on the side. :)

and she did warn us.

Sexed-Up Selling

via my post on Fuel Your Branding

Cosmetics, booze, fragrance, cars and apparel; we expect sexed-up selling from brands in those industries, right? Take a look at some typical brands doing just that…and some not so typical having a go with sexy…[MORE]

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